Phoenix C&W, Inc. is an independent manufacturer and supplier of chemical and mechanical products to the upstream oil and gas industry. Key products include friction reducer, water-based drilling fluid & additive for EOR:

CleanFRAC All-Brine PCW FR-2 (or PCW FR-2):

This is an eco friendly, non-damaging friction reducer that works under virtually all brine conditions. PCW FR-2 has the following characteristics:
It’s green: PCW FR-2 is non-toxic with no harmful substances present;
It’s clean: PCW FR-2 forms a crystal-clear solution in water and causes almost no damage to reservoir permeability;
3) It works under all brines: PCW FR-2 is applicable in a variety of waters including flow back water and seawater with extremely high CaCl2 and FeCl3 resistance;
4) Extremely rapid dissolution time of 15 seconds, making it applicable for continuous injection. It was shown to be three times more effective in decreasing production decline than a conventional inverse emulsion friction reducer. Economy versions FR-1A and FR-1B are available.

D-Drill 200/300/400:
These are a series of environmental and brine friendly, multifunctional formulations used for water-based mud (WBM). They target application temperatures of 200-400℉. D-Drill 200/300/400 performs excellently in WBM in relation to filtrate control, solids suspension, microfracture blockage and brine tolerance.

HE-Bio Production Aid:
This is a field-proven, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly formulation, consisting of microbial-activating molecules produced via microbial cell plant. As an efficient and cost-effective EOR technology, the potential ultimate incremental recovery is expected to be 5~15% of the original oil in place (OOIP). The daily production was shown to increase to 200~2400%, based on trials on approximately 100 wells.
Other products include QuickFlow FireFight Aid, pneumatic slips, flow back surfactants and more. Find out how our technologies can increase your productivity and help your business grow. Contact us here.