1. Learn More About Our Drilling Products!

    At Phoenix C&W, we are committed to providing you with drilling products that exceed that of our competitors in a wide variety of ways. We take pride in manufacturing products that are more environmentally friendly, affordable and efficient than those offered by our competitors, and we have the proof to support all of these claims. Contact us today to set up a free con…Read More

  2. How Phoenix C&W Products Make the Drilling Process Greener

    At Phoenix C&W, we are committed to providing our clients with the best products for the upstream oil and gas industry. While our products exceed our competitors’ in a wide variety of ways, one of our main concerns is making products that are more eco-friendly than that of our competitors. By creating products that are made up of renewable contents and designing prod…Read More

  3. How Our Friction Reducer and Drilling Lubricant Improve the Drilling Process

    At Phoenix C&W, our goal is to manufacture products that are improve the efficiency of the drilling process while being safer to the environment. One of the many criticisms that many have of directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing are the effects that these processes have on the environment, and we took these criticisms into consideration when developing our prod…Read More

  4. How Our Products Differ From and Exceed Our Competitors

    We here at Phoenix C&W are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality drilling products. We are convinced that our CleanFRAC™ Friction Reducer, D-Drill™ Drilling Fluid Additive and HE-Bio™ Production Aid are top notch environmental products. Beyond that, though, we believe that our products are the best on the market. Here are a few reasons as to…Read More

  5. CleanFRAC™ All-Brine Non-Damaging Friction Reducer

    CleanFRAC™ All-Brine Non-Damaging Friction Reducer EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CleanFRAC™ All-Brine Non-Damaging Friction Reducer is a revolutionary technology in that it uniquely tames pumping pressure and is expected to enhance oil and gas production. It is a self-cleaning/nondamaging FR that works under essentially all-brine conditions. It is resistant against iron ions and w…Read More

  6. D-Drill™ 400 Drilling Fluid Additive

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION D-Drill® 400 is an environmentally friendly HT multifunctional formulation used for water-based mud (WBM). It readily renders high-performing WBM upon mixing with bentonite, thinner, various brines and weighting agents. Based upon proprietorially constructed nanoscale structures, D-Drill® 400 contributes superbly in terms of filtrate control, solids s…Read More

  7. How CleanFRAC™ FR May Stand Out During a Frac Job

    This set of data illustrating how CleanFRAC™ FR may stand out during a frac job. We all know that HCl (particularly 15%) is commonly used during fracturing, especially at the spearhead stage. However, the use of HCl imposes at least three-fold stress on an FR: high temperature exposure of FR to strong acid; ferric ion because of HCl/carbon steel reaction; abundance of ca…Read More