At Phoenix C&W, we are committed to providing you with drilling products that exceed that of our competitors in a wide variety of ways. We take pride in manufacturing products that are more environmentally friendly, affordable and efficient than those offered by our competitors, and we have the proof to support all of these claims. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

Greener Than Green

Directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing tend to get a lot of negative attention as many claim the practices are harmful to the environment. At Phoenix C&W, manufacturing products that are green and environmentally friendly is of the utmost importance to us. Our CleanFRAC™ friction reducer/drag reduction agent is completely non-toxic as it is manufactured using zero harmful substances, such as APEs and NPEs. When in water, it forms a completely clear solution that is self cleaning and causes very little damage to overall reservoir permeability. Our D-Drill® Lube is made up mostly renewable contents and is nearly 100 percent biodegradable. The formulation of our HE-Bio™ Production Aid is plant-based. We are proud to provide our clients with products that are environmentally friendly as well as efficient.

Improved Efficiency & Affordability

Here at Phoenix C&W, efficiency is as important to us as eco friendliness, and our products offer a level of efficiency that, in many cases, exceeds our competition’s. The dissolution time of our CleanFRAC™ friction reducer is extremely quick — 15 seconds to be exact. When compared side by side with a regular friction reducer, our CleanFRAC™ friction reducer eluted in one hour, while the regular friction reducer still had a quarter of the original volume (240ml) left after five days. The elution rate continued to decrease, so much to the point where it’s estimated that it would take nearly two years to complete elution. Two years versus one hour? That makes our friction reducer an estimated 1,752,000 percent more efficient than the regular friction reducer. In addition to increased efficiency, we also aim to provide you with products that are more cost effective than that of our competitors, which, when coupled with the increase in efficiency of our products, saves you and your business even more money.

Use Less, Do More!

In addition to being green, efficient and affordable, our products are also so effective that they require you to use less than that offered by our competitors. Take our HE-Bio™ Production Aid, for example. It possesses a lower critical micellar concentration while in water. Because of this, it requires a smaller dosage and it can achieve the same results that one would get using a higher dosage of another production aid. It also has a lower level of absorption loss, meaning that the formula penetrates deeper into the reservoir than that of our competitors. When paired with our already affordable prices, your business yet again saves more money.

At Phoenix C&W, it is our goal to provide our clients with products that help our clients increase efficiency while also being friendly to our planet and environment. Our friction reducers, production aids, drilling lubricants and drilling fluid additives are efficient and affordable, and switching over to them will only provide your business with results. Contact us today for a free consultation.