We here at Phoenix C&W are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality drilling products. We are convinced that our CleanFRAC™ Friction Reducer, D-Drill™ Drilling Fluid Additive and HE-Bio™ Production Aid are top notch environmental products. Beyond that, though, we believe that our products are the best on the market. Here are a few reasons as to how our drilling fluids and other products differ from and exceed those offered by other drilling mud companies.

Our Products are Green

Easily the most common criticism of hydraulic fracturing comes from those who believe that the practice is harmful to the environment. While some have denied these claims, these criticisms aren’t entirely untrue either. Using low quality, low efficiency drilling fluids can directly contribute to the pollution of the environment, which only damages the reputation of an industry that is already under very close scrutiny by local governments and the public at large. Thankfully, there are options that manage to be friendlier to the environment while being arguably more effective than these more harmful alternatives.

The use of our products can help ease some of those criticisms, and we are proud to say that they are more environmentally friendly than those offered by competing drilling mud companies. Our CleanFRAC™ Friction Reducer contains no harmful substances and is non-toxic. It’s also crystal clear in its appearance and is self cleaning, so it causes virtually no damage to the permeability of the reservoirs in which they are used. In addition to its excellent friction reduction properties, it also enhances clay stabilization and water flow back, further causing less damage to the reservoirs than traditional drilling fluids.

Our Products Are High Performance

Our CleanFRAC™ Friction Reducer boasts an impressive dissolution time (roughly 15 seconds), allowing for continuous injection. Remember our comparison video where we allowed two glasses of water to elute for a half hour? In it, our CleanFRAC™ finished in roughly an hour, whereas the regular friction reducer still had nearly ¼ of its original volume after five days! The process only continued to grow slower, and an estimation showed that it could take as long as two years to do what our Our CleanFRAC™ did in just an hour.

Once in water, our HE-Bio™ Production Aid contains a lower critical micellar concentration than our competitors, meaning that you can achieve the same results with a smaller usage. Using less, means saving more, which in turn means you spend less.

Where Other Products Fail, Ours Keep Working

Our products can work in the toughest conditions. Our CleanFRAC™ Friction Reducer is adaptable to a large variety of waters, including flow back water and seawater, with CaCl2 resistance of > 50,000 ppm and FeCl3 resistance of > 100 ppm, respectively.

Our Products Are Cost Effective

Factoring in all of the information presented above, we believe our products are the finest ones currently available on the market. Further, we offer our CleanFRAC™ Friction Reducer, D-Drill™ Drilling Fluid Additive and HE-Bio™ Production Aid at a very affordable price point. Increase your productivity and performance while reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us today for a free consultation.