At Phoenix C&W, our goal is to manufacture products that are improve the efficiency of the drilling process while being safer to the environment. One of the many criticisms that many have of directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing are the effects that these processes have on the environment, and we took these criticisms into consideration when developing our products. In doing so, we have created products that not only are far friendlier to the environment than our competitors, but are more efficient as well. In this blog, we will look at how our friction reducer and drilling lubricant improve the overall drilling process.

Our CleanFRAC™ All-Brine PCW FR-2 Friction Reducer is a non toxic friction reducer. First off, it’s non toxic and contains no harmful chemicals in its makeup. This itself means that it is a green and environmentally friendly solution that has a smaller carbon footprint than its competitors, meaning that you can use it knowing that you won’t be hurting the earth. It’s also clean, meaning that it causes virtually no damage to the overall permeability of the reservoir that it’s being used in. Unlike other friction reducers, CleanFRAC™ can be used under many different brine conditions. It can be used in a variety of waters including flow back water and seawater, meaning that you will be able to use it in multiple settings, maximizing your efficiency and ability to drill under a wide variety of conditions and increase your overall productivity. It also has an extremely fast dissolution time of roughly 15 seconds. Comparing it side by side with a regular friction reducer, our CleanFRAC™ friction reducer completed the process in roughly one hour, while the regular friction reducer still had ¼ of the original volume left after five days. This extremely rapid dissolution time also means that this friction reducer makes it possible to have continuous injection into a reservoir. To compare the efficiency side by side, there truly is no competition, CleanFRAC™ friction reducer is far more efficient than our competitors.

Our D-Drill® Drilling Lubricant not only aids in the overall drilling process, but much like our CleanFRAC™ friction reducer, it’s also environmentally friendly in that it is composed of largely renewable materials. In addition to that, it’s also 100% biodegradable, going back to the environmental harm criticism that some tend to bring up when discussing hydraulic fracturing and drilling. Our D-Drill® Drilling Lubricant makes the drilling process more efficient, as it reduces the overall drag, leading to faster drilling and providing you with a more consistent drilling experience overall. This results in a performance that is as good,if not better, than the current performance heights reached by regular drilling lubricants.

It is our utmost goal to supply you and your business with products that not only improve the drilling process and increase your overall efficiency and success, but do so while being more environmentally friendly and conscious than regular drilling fluids and lubricants. Increasing efficiency while being less harmful for the environment? We have developed products that provide you with the best of both worlds. For more information about our drilling fluids and friction reducers or to place an order, contact us today!

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