At Phoenix C&W, we are committed to providing our clients with the best products for the upstream oil and gas industry. While our products exceed our competitors’ in a wide variety of ways, one of our main concerns is making products that are more eco-friendly than that of our competitors. By creating products that are made up of renewable contents and designing products that are more efficient than our competitors, we are able to achieve this goal. Additionally, we are confident that our drilling fluid additives, friction reducers, production aids, and drilling lubricants can help you not only increase your efficiency, but also lower production costs and still be more environmentally friendly in your drilling practices. For more information about our products, contact us today!

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, it’s no secret that one of the main criticisms of the drilling industry is the impact that it has on the environment. One of our main concerns when creating our products at Phoenix C&W was to create products that were environmentally friendly, so as to compromise between both sides of this argument. We found that there surely was a way in which the industry could continue operating in a manner that allowed it to grow while also making the process more environmentally friendly. In this blog, we will look at a few ways on how directional drilling can be more environmentally friendly while also providing a few examples of how our products carry out these goals. Read on to find out how your business can practice green drilling!

Reduce Water Waste

One of the many criticisms of directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing is the amount of water used in the process. One of the reasons why it requires so much water is because of a lack of focus in its injection and high levels of friction. Our CleanFRAC™ All-Brine PCW FR-2 Friction Reducer can help cut down on water waste. The dissolution time is extremely fast — 15 seconds to be exact. Because of it having such a quick dissolution time, this enables you to continuously inject our friction reducer while drilling. Furthermore, our HE-Bio™ Production Aid for EOR can also cut down on water usage. It has a lower critical micellar concentration when used in water, which means that a lower dosage of it can achieve the same results as if you were to use a higher dosage.

Use Products That are Non Toxic

Another criticism of the oil and upstream gas industry is that, in addition to a practice that is already under scrutiny for not being eco friendly, the products used in the practice are also not eco friendly. By using products from Phoenix C&W, you will not only be making the process more environmentally friendly, but the products used in the process are also more environmentally friendly than those offered by our competitors. Our CleanFRAC™ All-Brine PCW FR-2 is comprised of entirely of non-toxic components and no harmful substances. Our HE-Bio™ Production Aid is comprised of microbial-activating molecules that come from a microbial cell plant. Additionally, our D-Drill® LUBE is composed of largely renewable contents and is nearly 100 percent biodegradable, again providing a solution to one of the many criticisms of the industry. By using products from Phoenix C&W, you will not only increase your efficiency and productivity, but you will also be practicing green drilling by doing so!

Those are just a few reasons as to why using products from Phoenix C&W can make encourage green drilling practices. At Phoenix C&W, customer service is key, and we work hard to provide you, the client, with a product that is not only cost effective and efficient, but we are delighted to also provide you with a product that is environmentally friendly. We are confident that our products exceed that of our competitors and we provide them to you at a price that is incredibly affordable. Whether you’re using our Our CleanFRAC™ All-Brine PCW FR-2 Friction Reducer, HE-Bio™ Production Aid, D-Drill® LUBE or D-Drill™ Drilling Fluid Additive, we are confident that you will be pleased with our products’ performance, pricing and efficiency. Fill out the form below to schedule a consultation. For more information about our products and services, contact Phoenix C&W today!

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