CleanFRAC™ All-Brine Non-Damaging Friction Reducer

CleanFRAC™ All-Brine Non-Damaging Friction Reducer is a revolutionary technology in that it uniquely tames pumping pressure and is expected to enhance oil and gas production. It is a self-cleaning/nondamaging FR that works under essentially all-brine conditions. It is resistant against iron ions and was shown to render near zero formation damage without using any breaker. In contrast, none of the tested counterparts demonstrated iron-resistance and they led to formation damage of greater than 90%. These unparalleled properties by CleanFRAC™ are expected to empower service companies with peerless competition advantage for maximized confidence of pressure pumping and customers’ satisfaction arising from enhanced oil/gas production. Other benefits include rapid activation, low/high temperature applicability and environmental friendliness, etc.

  • Question #1: Why do I have to be concerned about iron-resistance of an FR since I am using fresh water?
    • Answer: Although fresh water is utilized, iron ion still exists downhole because of acidizing during the spearhead stage and the abundance of this ion in formation water. All the friction reducers evaluated thus far lost their entire performance in the presence of iron. CleanFRAC™ was the only one with performance retained (about 80% friction reduction; Image below, LEFT). CleanFRAC™ remains crystal-clear in 500 ppm iron, whereas those by regular FRs showed extensive presence of precipitates (Image below, MIDDLE). These solids are expected to clog up the well and lead to minimized production.
  • Question #2: What does non-damaging really mean?
    • Answer: The goal of hydraulic fracturing is to enhance the permeability/conductivity of a reservoir so that the production is to be above the economical threshold. As can be seen from the image below (RIGHT), CleanFRAC™ flows much quicker than a regular friction reducer. Although it took about 1 hour (in par with that for pure water) for CleanFRAC™ to come out of the column (reservoir), the regular FR may have to spend at least two years to elute (a comparative video available). Yes, it was 1 hour vs. two years! This may translate to folds more oil and gas production if CleanFRAC™ were utilized instead of regular friction reducers.